About Us

Our company is ready to make your business easier.


Financial and technological pole

Based on Singapore, one of the world’s best known financial pole, Hullnolog was created to deploy a practical business management system, agile and competent. Our company has a complete system of software development through modern tools which are perfect for Asia’s most technological city.


Blockchain Technology and its benefits

With an intuitive and specialized platform, Hullnolog uses the blockchain technology in its system. Blockchain assures and stores transaction data information and registers everything in a block network. This service works as a collective digital register, protected by cryptography, in a practical and fast way.

Qualified Service


We are committed to help your product and/or company’s life spend, we develop solutions according to your needs. Our company guarantees protection to the information and data processed by our system, assuring that the tools and computers used can do the work and provide the user with the best interaction between the user and the interface.


Developing Softwares

We create and develop specialized, customized, and functional softwares.

Encrypted Services

We use the Blockchain technology to assure that your data is safe and protected.

Businesses management

We follow your business’ growth through dedicated and positive work.